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District Boundaries

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What are the Boundries of the Science Hill School District?

Click here to view map.  Shaded area is within the Science Hill School District's boundries.  The map is very large.  Please be patient.

** Please call the school office at 606-423-3341 to confirm whether an address is in the Science Hill Independent School District.

On US 27
North - Addresses less than 7279 North US 27
South - Addresses north of Bill's Quality Equipment (4733 N. 27)

On KY 635
East - to Pitman Creek - 1600 East
West - to Clifty Creek - Less than 2700

On KY 1247
North - Addresses less than 8028 North 1247
South - Includes 5431 North 1247 and greater

On Heaton Ford Road
1212 and numbers less

Todd Road
All West Todd Road
100 yards East on East Todd Road

Frog Hollow Road
Approximately 1/2 mile past the intersection of Keeney Road and Frog Hollow Road.  (This includes all property on the left of the road, including all property on Burkett Road to a point where Holtzclaw Branch meets Pitman Creek, then following the creek north. )
All addresses on East and West Frog Hollow Road are included.
Addresses on Nelson Valley Road from Keeney Road to Burkett Road are included.
Also included.... 2155 Nelson Valley Road and greater.

Norwood - Mt. Zion
All addresses from 1247 until Clifty Creek is reached

Highway 1676
All addresses to Clifty Creek (ends at 500 Hwy 1676)

Wells Stable Road
All addresses


Hilltop Acres
All addresses, Johnny Drive, Ida Drive

Jasper's Place
Crickett Drive, Farah's Way and Loren Drive

Keeney Acres
All addresses

Losey's Landing
Herb Lane and Alice Lane

Maple Lane
All addresses

Royal Oaks
Barberry Drive, Baywick Drive, Wellington Way and Lynn Brook Ct.

Science Hill Estates
All addresses

Spring Crest MH Park
All addresses

All addresses

Willow Springs
Canter Drive, Huckleberry Drive

Science Hill School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.